Why use Plastigauge ®?


Plastigauge ® was designed and developed in the U.K. during the 1950s. Over sixty years later, it continues to provide a fast, simple and effective method for the measurement of clearance between fitted surfaces and is used throughout the world.

Plastigauge ® has a multitude of industrial and engineering applications within the automotive, petrochemical and biomedical fields. It is useful in production, inspection and servicing.

Plastigauge ® is now available in seven sizes between 0.018mm and 3mm to suit a broad range of applications.

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Plastigauge ® Precision Clearance Gauges

Plastigauge ® is a precision clearance gauge for the measurement of clearance (separation) between fitted surfaces. It is particularly useful for measuring clearances in split bearings or in situations where a feeler gauge cannot be inserted.

Perhaps the most widely used application of Plastigauge ® is in the measurement of clearance in plain automotive bearings.

Plastigauge ® is also highly effective for measuring the clearance in large bearings which include:-

  • Marine drive shaft bearings
  • Turbine housing bearings
  • Pump and pressure system bearings

Shaft end-float lends itself to direct measurement by Plastigauge ®.

Flatness and clearance in pipe-flanges and cylinder heads are readily checked and measured with standard Plastigauge ®.

Plastigauge ® is particularly effective for the measurement of separation in moulding tools and wherever it is required to determine the separation between hidden surfaces.

Dave Hobson, Automotive Tutor, Darlington College

Plastigauge ® is highly effective for measuring the clearance in large bearings which include Marine Drive Shaft bearings, Turbine housing bearings, Pump and Pressure System bearings