Dimitri Cornet, Dimspeed, France
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Dimitri Cornet, Dimspeed, France

"I have used this brand for years and I never had any issues. I absolutely love to work this product and will never use something else to check clearances. Plastigauge is very easy, quick to use and clean. The clearance is so important in a race engine - Plastigauge is a very good quality product and a must have as an engine builder. I highly recommend Plastigauge." Dimitri is a specialist in the restoration and... read more »

Dave Hobson, Automotive Tutor, Darlington College

"Plastigauge is very easy and quick to use, there is ample in the pack to complete the task and I would be confident that the results are as accurate as I need in modern day engine re-builds. I would be happy to teach my motor vehicle students how to use the product knowing that they may use it in the workplace." Dave Hobson, Automotive tutor, Darlington College & co-author of Level 3 'Vehicle Maintenance &... read more »

Piero Di Capite, Xpower Engines, Essex

"I wish to endorse my recommendation of this superb product Plastigauge. Having built race engines for over 30 years I understand the need for a high level of accuracy - Plastigauge gives this. Despite having all the specialist tools at my disposal, I find Plastigauge quick and easy to use and very accurate. Ideal for checking crank shaft bearing and cam cap clearances this product is a must have for all serious engine builders, with the... read more »

Archie Milligan, Motherwell

"I am re-building a classic 1979 Honda CB750 F2 and had to buy a second hand crank which came with perfect shells but the size not known as the colour coding has long washed off. I checked the clearances with Plastigauge which was incredibly easy to use and found all the shells to have a 2 thou clearance. Perfect. New parts for these now obsolete engines are very expensive and for the price of a... read more »