Piero Di Capite, Xpower Engines, Essex
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Piero Di Capite, Xpower Engines, Essex

"I wish to endorse my recommendation of this superb product Plastigauge.

Having built race engines for over 30 years I understand the need for a high level of accuracy - Plastigauge gives this. Despite having all the specialist tools at my disposal, I find Plastigauge quick and easy to use and very accurate.

Ideal for checking crank shaft bearing and cam cap clearances this product is a must have for all serious engine builders, with the added advantage for the 'hobby' mechanic of not having to go to the expense of buying specialist tools.

An excellent product produced by a company who give great, friendly service with fast despatch."

Piero Di Capite - Xpower Engines, Essex

Some of Piero's photos showing Plastigauge being used on a Ford Cosworth 2.0I Yb engine.

Ford Cosworth 2.0l Yb engine


Ford Cosworth 2.0l Yb engine








Strip of Plastigauge placed across the bearing surface


A strip of Plastigauge is placed across the bearing surface before replacing the shell and tightening the set-screws to the recommended torque setting (without rotating the journal)



After removal of the shell, the clearance can be read by comparing the compressed Plastigauge with the calibrated measuring card. In this case, the clearance is 0.002" Compressed Plastigauge being measured by comparing with calibrated measuring card




Engines in Xpower's Essex workshop Engines in Xpower's Essex workshop










Archie Milligan, Motherwell

"I am re-building a classic 1979 Honda CB750 F2 and had to buy a second hand crank which came with perfect shells but the size not known as the colour coding has long washed off. I checked the clearances with Plastigauge which was incredibly easy to use and found all the shells to have a 2 thou clearance. Perfect.

New parts for these now obsolete engines are very expensive and for the price of a few pounds using Plastiguage, I have confirmed that the parts I have are not only the correct sizes, they are well within tolerance.

Many thanks for your technical help and excellent product."

Archie Milligan, Motherwell